Fresh from the palm tree – our coconut water is free from chemicals and purely natural, which shows in it’s great taste. Each fruit is handpicked and carefully prepared for transport. Freshness and enjoyment is paired with sustainability and environmental consciousness.


We keep the coconut simply natural. You will notice upon opening that the fruit has an appealingly fresh aroma. The natural cultivation directly impacts the intense taste and fragrance. Our CooCooNooTs are packed in Thailand without the use of plastic wrapping – for the sake of our environment.


Enjoyment and a well-balanced lifestyle – especially during the summer months a drinking coconut can be the perfect alternative to conventional refreshment beverages. Instead of soft drinks with added sugars you can taste the invigorating and low-calorie coconut water fresh from the tree and without any additives.


Farmers and workers in Thailand alike receive their fair share for their produce. Apart from guaranteeing fair wages we ensure that health and safety regulations on the farms are met. Periodical checks-up monitor the working conditions and we are in a continuous dialogue with the producers in Thailand.


Our CooCooNooTs grow in the heart of Thailand, they come from the provinces surrounding Bangkok. Some of the most fragrant fruit of Southeast Asia grow there. The coconut variety we are offering has an alluring fragrance even before it is opened. The lively and intense coconut water is directly underneath the husk.

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