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We are young and vibrant business venture settled in the heart of Zürich, pursuing the aim of bringing the best Thai coconuts to Europe. Our coconuts have to fulfil the same standards as us: 100 % real. We wish to acquaint you with a product which has been selected with care and differs in taste from all available coconut waters.

The CooCooNooT Team

Huascar Strasser

Huascar Strasser


Holds a Master of Arts from University Zurich, Switzerland.
Has accrued more than five years of work experience in one of the Big Four companies.
Founder and CEO of a start-up company in the food industry, handling export and import .

Linda Pawlicki

Linda Pawlicki

Project Manager

Graduated in Marketing, Management and Economic Competitiveness from the Bergische Universität Wuppertal with a M.Sc. in 2014. Acquired experience in Market research and user experience at the Methods of Business Psychology work unit of the Bergische Universität Wuppertal. Freelanced as a trainer for Business English, Polish and German.


Sonny and Sira

Our partners in Thailand are working relentlessly to ensure smooth harvest and transport procedures.

Sonny Chugani

Our expert in logistic matters. Sonny has been working in the coconut business since 1995 and knows how things work in Thailand. He is committed to upholding and implementing our quality standards from the picking of the first fruit to the loading of the cargo. Making sure that all processes in Thailand go according to law and plan he is a valued asset.


When it comes to farming and harvesting we turn to Sira. The organic farm our coconuts are from is a family business run by his uncle. Extensive knowledge and experience in organic farming add up and render him a renowned partner when it comes to implementing new concepts, such as the approach of a BioSuisse certification.

Company History

During his nine months of travelling through Southeast Asia our CEO discovered and fell in love with the Thai cuisine. A characteristic trait is the use of coconut milk in various dishes and also the drinking of young or tender coconuts as a refreshment. In Asia, the coconuts are sold directly from street carts by the merchants almost everywhere. Even after his return to Zürich he would not want to be without the refreshing taste of coconut water. So he decided to found a company and has been importing delicious CooCooNooTs to Zürich since June 2016.

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